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Unlimited Plan

Now offering Concierge Pediatrics Unlimited Plan for your children. Immediate and unlimited access to a Pediatrician.

  • Unlimited appointments, Ask a Pediatrician included at a monthly rate of $49 per family, no hidden costs!

  • No waiting, no worrying, and no guessing. Connect to a Pediatrician in minutes. Personalized, High-quality care.

  • Personalized care for your family at the click of a button!

  • Direct access to a Board-certified Pediatrician giving you peace of mind, when you need it most. 

  • Costs less than a cup of coffee a dayLess than the cost of a single copay at ER or Urgent Care. It's an affordable sensible solution.

  • Best for Families with High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) or families with no health insurance

  • Efficient Healthcare for the children of today's busy family.


We are a team of board-certified and experienced Pediatricians and Pediatric subspecialists available to help you with all your health needs! Click on the button below to be taken to the website where you can learn more and signup for this plan.


$49 per month for unlimited access to a Pediatrician!  Offering you peace of mind when you need it most!  Less than the cost of visiting ER or Urgent Care one time! 

We get to know your child to provide personalized care. We get to know your child's medical history & needs. We are Pediatric only- Kids specific practice.


No long waits in your ER or Urgent Care room. Connect to a Pediatrician in minutes.

Convenient care

Connect to a Board-certified experienced Pediatrician from the comfort of your home. Connect via Smart Phone, Tablet, or Computer in minutes!  

Personalized/ Individualized Care

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