School Telemedicine Program

Have your student virtually treated at school under the care of a licensed pediatrician!

Advantages of the School Telemedicine Program

  • Our telehealth services improve student health and academic success. 

  • We are an extension of your school health office. 

  • We partner with school nurses to support student health and close the gaps in equity and access.

  • We are committed to providing access to care for all students, irrespective of financial and immigration status.

  • We remain dedicated to providing care to each child, so they are positioned for academic success

Advantages for Students

  • Students get access to on-demand doctor visits -- both at school and at home

  • Fewer missed school days, NO LEARNING BACKLOG

  • State of the art technology used. A simple android/ mac smartphone is all that is required

Advantages for Teachers

  • We partner with the school nurse and support them to provide the right diagnosis and help provide further triage and diagnosis.

  • Parent satisfaction is improved.

  • Reduced missed school days and reduced school absenteeism.

Advantages for Parents

  • Peace of mind that your child is receiving care by a board-certified Pediatrician

  • Average time to see a board-certified Pediatrician is 10 minutes.

  • Reduced missed school days and reduced school absenteeism.

  • We can prescribe medications which you can pick up at your local pharmacy.

  • Reduced days off work