Care of the Medically Complicated Child- FAQs

The team of pediatricians at Pediatrics Healthcare Associates offers customized treatments to protect your child’s health.  Call Pediatrics Healthcare Associates today for expert care for the child with complex medical needs We have extensive experience in treating children with tracheostomy tubes, ventilator dependence, gastrostomy tubes, seizure disorders, and much more. We co-manage your child with your pediatric subspecialists. 

Common conditions we manage include-

Neurological Conditions-

Seizure disorders

Ventriculoperitoneal shunt

Cerebral palsy

Respiratory Conditions-

Home ventilator management

Tracheostomy tube care

BIPAP/ CPAP management

Cardiovascular/ Heart Conditions -

Congenital heart disease

Gastroenterological/ Stomach conditions-

Gastrostomy tube/ Jejunostomy tube

Severe gastric reflux

Renal/ Kidney conditions-

Chronic renal failure

Other conditions- 

Musculoskeletal disorders

Genetic syndromes


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