Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) in infants, RSV in toddlers, RSV in children

RSV, RSV in infant, RSV symptoms Infant, RSV in babies, RSV in toddler, RSV in children,

RSV is a common and very contagious virus that infects the respiratory tract of most children before their 2nd birthday! For most babies and young children, the infection causes nothing more than just a cold. But for a very percentage, infection with RSV can lead to serious, sometimes life-threatening problems such as pneumonia or bronchiolitis, and inflammation if the small airways of the lungs.

RSV Symptoms

RSV infection can cause symptoms, including a cough and runny nose, usually lasts approx. 1 to 2 weeks.

When to see a doctor: Call our Pediatrician or setup appointment with Pediatrics Healthcare Associates if you notice any of the following RSV symptoms:

  • Wheezing noise when they breathe

  • Being unusually upset or inactive

  • Cough with yellow, green, or gray mucus

  • Pauses in their breaths or difficulty breathing

  • Refusing to bottle-feed or breast-feed

  • Look for signs of dehydration including lack of tears when crying, little or no urine in their diaper for 6 hours, and dry skin

If your infant or toddler is very tired, breathes rapidly, or has a blue tint to their lips call 911 or go to the ER immediately.

RSV in babies, RSV in infant, RSV, RSV in toddler

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