What is Telemedicine and the benefits of TeleHealth or Telemedicine for patients

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Telemedicine represents the changing face of medicine, more so primary care like a visit to a Pediatrician. Telemedicine offers healthcare using digital devices such as computers and smartphones. In most cases, telemedicine uses video conferencing.

Many people use telemedicine with their usual healthcare provider. Others access virtual care using a dedicated telemedicine app.

Doctors and patients can use telemedicine to:

  • assess whether or not the patient needs treatment in person

  • provide certain kinds of medical care, such as Eczema, rashes treatment, and assessments for minor infections

  • write or renew prescriptions

Benefits for patients

Telemedicine can help treat a range of medical conditions. It is most successful when a person seeks care from a qualified physician and provides clear details about their symptoms.

Some benefits of telemedicine include:

  • Lower costs: Research suggests that people who use telemedicine spend less time in the hospital, providing cost savings. Also, less commuting time may mean fewer secondary expenses, such as childcare and gas.

  • Improved access to care: Telemedicine makes it easier for people to access care. It can also improve access for other populations, including older adults, people who are geographically isolated, and those who are incarcerated.

  • Preventive care: Telemedicine may make it easier for people to access preventive care that improves their long-term health. This is especially true for people with financial or geographic barriers to quality care.

  • Convenience: Telemedicine allows people to access care in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. This may mean that a person does not have to take time off of work or arrange childcare.

  • Slowing the spread of infection: Going to the doctor’s office means being around people who may be sick, often in close quarters. This can be particularly dangerous for people with underlying conditions or weak immune systems. Telemedicine eliminates the risk of catching an infection at the doctor’s office.

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