Benefits of Telemedicine


A new study of telemedicine use by Massachusetts General Hospital showed that “nearly all (patients) perceived the quality of care or communication to be the same or better than at the traditional and familiar office visits.” In fact, almost one quarter said the quality of telehealthcare was better than an in-person visit.

The study surveyed existing patients and clinicians to gather data on satisfaction in virtual video visits. Primary study results marked notable data in three categories:


  • 79% of study participants said that it was easier to schedule a convenient appointment time for a telehealth follow-up visit than for a clinic visit


  • 62% said the quality of care via telehealth was the same as an in-person visit

  • 21% said the quality of care via telehealth was better than an in-person visit


  • 68% rated their visit a nine or a ten on a ten-point satisfaction scale

  • 66% said they had strong personal connections to their provider using telehealth



Donelan K et al. Patient and Clinician Experiences With Telehealth for Patient Follow-up Care. The American Journal of Managed Care, January 2019.