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Sonia R, Milwaukee, WI

I am impressed with Pediatrics Healthcare Associates. Last Thursday, my 4-year old had flu symptoms, fever, chills and cold, I was not sure if I need to rush my child to ER and wait 2 hours in the waiting room or hold on till next morning for my Pediatricians office. I gave them a try and I was truly impressed. Dr. Bhatia is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced Pediatrician. He was patient, thorough and I was able to connect to them in 10 minutes. I was given a prescription to pick up at my local Walgreens. Thumbs up and Thank you Pediatrics Healthcare Associates and Dr. Bhatia!

Mary S Philadelphia, PA

“My family gives the Pediatricians at Pediatrics Healthcare Associates a 5 stars!!!! My kids love it and so do I! I love how I can connect with a quality, experienced  Pediatrician so quickly for only $35? They took the time to actually listen to my concerns and offered us a care plan and was advised to followup next day if needed. 5 stars!!

Veronica R, Peoria, AZ

First time visiting this Pediatrician. The care and service provided exceeded my expectations. Our pediatrician Dr. Bhatia was patient and kind to my 8 yr old son who is not the most cooperative patient. He took their time and answered all my questions. I felt very comfortable. I am happy we were recommended to Pediatrics Healthcare Associates and use this service many more times in the future. Its cheap, quick and I had the most amazing service. Highly recommend them!"